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The price range you need to know

A web design price range varies on what features you want to have within your website. It can be something like subscriptions plans for your customers, booking systems, custom designing tools for your T-Shirts and many more. Just do keep in mind the more complex features you want, the more the costs will be.

Hence, the lowest price range with basic features like chat boxes, contact forms and pages usually starts around S$800 and can accumulate all the way to S$8000 or sometimes more for larger enterprises. Again, depends on the feature you want. However, most businesses can get by just having a basic website.

The 3 price groups:

  1. The Starters, from S$300 – S$500.
  2. The Freelancers, from S$800 to S$8000+
  3. The Agencies, from S$8000 and beyond

1. The Starters

Starters are just starting or doing a school project, the low price makes sense. There is nothing wrong with The Starters, they will still set up a secure, fast and fully functional website for you. Just that it may take a little longer. This group is perfect for you if you are just looking for a basic website that simply shows your business portfolio, core values and any other main services you provide. They offer cheap because they can create a proper website perfect for what you need, a simple static portfolio page. The S$300 to S$500 price range makes sense since they obviously helped a lot on the technicality of creating a website. If you are okay with any design they offer and the limitations, why not? After all, you can always scale further using the same website that The Starters create for you. Here are a few key aspects you need to be aware of.

  1. It may take a longer time to complete.
  2. Perfect if you want to start basic and upgrade later. Yes, you can always go to the next website provider.
  3. Be sure to be clear about the features you want and they will advise you if it is within their capability.

2. The Freelancers

The Freelancers. These may somehow cost you from S$800 to S$8000, sometimes more. These groups offer much more complex features baked into your website. For example, if your business offers the customer to customize their products on your website before making purchases, these are the price range you should be looking out for. It seems that S$500 – S$8000 is a wide range. Well, to keep it simpler. If you think your sale process is complicated & you want a lot of interactive features, styling & payment systems. Do you think S$500 will cut it? I don’t think so. So another powerful tip before getting someone to create your website, consider the following list as your price guide within this range.

  1. The more features you want, the more you have to pay.
  2. The more interactive you want, the more you have to pay.
  3. The harder the complexity of your sales processes, the more you have to pay.

Also, keep in mind, do look out for their work if you like what they have done before. Pay attention to details and take your time on your research. You might found the perfect freelancer for your business as you may like their design styling and whatnot.

3. The Agencies

The difference between The Freelancers and The Agencies, agencies produce a lot faster as they have a dedicated team to execute your website. They are experienced and really create what you ask for. This usually solves an enterprise-level of websites which doesn’t only require a website for their customers to visit but also for their staffs of every each different department and integrates with any existing management system the enterprise requires. Hence, the intimidating price range. However, it is a good price for an enterprise to develop such a network of websites.

Usually, the agencies will advise the enterprise of what the business needs to have robust systems. If you are an enterprise that sees this will solve many of your problems. Look for marketing agencies as they do not only offer website creation. They also offer extensive digital marketing solutions such as social media handling, branding, colour scheme and many more. This may be a good deal.

Take away

In conclusion, these prices are just the initial payment to get your website designed and live on the internet. There is one more aspect of having a website you need to keep a lookout for. And that is maintenance. Every single website that exists requires maintenance. It is just how the way websites work. When you stop maintaining, your website will start to break as it is not updated and will eventually stop displaying. Hence, there is a small fee required every year. The price also depends on how you want your maintenance to be. This shall be another topic we will discuss.

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