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Cost of having a website

5 things you need to know what are the costs to own a website


Do you know that there are many tools out there that can create your own website? There are also even a free tool to create your website, but it has a substantial amount of limitations when you decide to scale. By all means, you may want to start with the free website tools like Weebly, Carrd and a handful more. However when it comes to creating a custom design, contents and features. WordPress website is the way to go, it’s a lot reliable in terms of customization. 

Here are the must-have components of a website to run:-

  1. Domain name (SGD 15 per year) – A typical domain name like and it doesn’t come free.
  2. Hosting (SGD 120 per year) – This is where your website lives. A server. It hosts your website for visitors around the world to visit.
  3. CMS (Usually Free) – Content Management System, here is where you build your website, settings, configurations and design. If you are using WordPress, it is free.
  4. Website Builder (SGD 120 per year) – This is a program on top of your CMS to literally design your website. Like, Elementor, Divi, Beaver and many other web-builders.
  5. Other apps (SGD 150 per year) – This may not be the case for you, but some features you want for your website may not come free. These are called plug-ins.

The price above is based on the average minimum cost that is needed for a website to run perfectly and still able to scale further in the future. Based on the price above, the total cost for one year would be around SGD 405. That is SGD 34 per month. What do you think about owning a website with your choice of domain ( for SGD 34 per month?

Oh not to forget, under the hosting, you will also able to create multiple business e-mail like “[email protected]”. This creates an impression that your entity has the credibility towards your clients and customers. It creates trust and a sense of security when they engage you. A typical common business e-mail cost you about SGD 8 per e-mail per month, that is SGD 96 per year. You don’t have to worry about this because your hosting provides a business e-mail.


This average minimum cost means that you can start small and expand later. Businesses experience different needs at different points. With having a WordPress website, your capability to expand is limitless. However, there is another cost factor that I didn’t mention. That is “Time”. You will be needing a lot of time to develop the website & that is when website agencies comes to place, to do all the IT stuffs. Set the correct configurations, security & website speed. There are countless sets of configurations for each feature you want and you might not want your website to break and leave it to the expert to do all that for you.

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