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Website FAQs

Most questions we get from our clients.

Care Plan is a service by us to provide maintenance for your website.

It includes the 3 main components of having a website.

  1. A domain name. (e.g www.yourname.com)
  2. A Server. (For your website to display in the web)
  3. Maintenance. (For updates)

A care plan includes all of the above. The higher the plan the more hours we put on your website to stay secure, updated and fast.


Simply a service do it everything for you. If you are a techy person and wish to do it yourself you may opt out the care plan.

For Portfolio Care Plan:

  • Hostinger
  • Contabo VPS

For Pro Care Plan:

  • DigitalOcean

For Geek & Powerhouse Care Plan:

  • DigitalOcean
  • Vultr
  • Linode

For Custom Care Plan:

  • AWS
  • Google
  • Contabo

In today’s Internet of Things (IoT). Cyber attacks have become the common and easy way for scammers or hackers to invade your data. As included in the maintenance, we are taking prevention measures at all levels of your website.

When you take up Care Plan with us , we will use our own hosting accounts under Berlime Solutions. Just to simplify the process.

However, you can request for transfer of ownership if you wish to maintain on your own.

Have Any Questions?

Website FAQs

We recommend to start with our Static package.
Even you already have the features you want in mind, this way we can make informed decision and advised from our developers.

Yes, it is included if you take up any of our Care Plan. *For .COM.SG, .SG or country specific domain, charges may vary.

The answer is unlimited. We can create anything that you could think of. However, there is a standard guide to follow for the network, systems to work smoothly. Our developers will help you guide on the design aspect.

Business E-Mails will be immediately available once you have make payment for any Care Plan you choose. Click here for more details about domain name and hosting.

Please note that this e-mail is for normal communication purpose only and not for account creations.

Yes! It is yours, just that you do not have access into, for safety purposes (like miskicks, design breaks, website crashes etc.). Since we maintain for you, it is not worth the risk to have your website crashed.

You can opt-out maintenance plan and explore your own if you want!

We are able to help you make changes as long as you maintain with us based on the “Site Edits” in our Care Plan.

This way, we won’t leave you hanging when your website is up and running. Each Care Plan have different “Site Edits” hours per month. The higher plan you go the more hours is included.

Our hourly rate is based on S$35 per hour.

The hourly rate is reduced for higher Care Plan packages.

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