Kamilah MS

Kamilah MS is in the coaching business based in Singapore. Her approach requires robust automation to stay focus on empowering people’s lives. For example, payments made online, auto-scheduling & also newsletters for her subscribers. With this simple automation, Kamilah MS has already achieved 40% of the initial marketing process automated. All done with the “Basic” plan.
What the client wants


The client already had an existing website before we took over. We migrate her old-website details into the new website which we created for her. Also, Kamilah MS leave the design part totally up to us. This raises the challenge to incorporate her services according to her audience and certain demographics but at the same time open to everyone in Singapore, in fact, other parts of the world too. We manage to achieve a small solopreneur website to have an international look.

Services that "Kamilah MS" Purchased

Preview of the client's homepage

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