Annujaim Arabic Center

Annujaim offers holistic Arabic language lessons for students from Primary levels up to Tertiary levels, parents and adults. Founded by Surayya who have 24 years of teaching experience based in yo:HA@Tampines. We solved Annujaim’s online presence with SEO optimisations for Singaporeans who are interested in learning the Quranic Language and help students excel in exams which comprehensive and fun way of learning.
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The client is simple, straightforward and really puts their full trust in Berlime Solutions. We handled the designs, user interface, live-chat features and create a static webpage that looks like a dynamic page by implementing CSS/JS pop-ups for forms and subtle animations. The client wants to achieve a direct path for visitors and we implement a navigation trick and bring visitors to where they should be if interested. The real challenge is to make a simple static website looks amazing.

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