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[Updated] 3 Best Cheap Hosting in Singapore – 2024

The best & cheap hosting providers for starters in 2024

In today’s new year topic. Let’s discuss which hosting providers to choose for your new website in Singapore. There are in-depth details about what to look for when choosing hosting providers. There is a good read in 2020 by Cardinal Digital a digital marketing expert based in Singapore if you want to know in-depth details on hosting providers.

This recommendation is based on these criteria: –

  • Simple and friendly control panel (Do not use the conventional cPanel)
  • Don’t have to configure the HTML or coding, just clicks of buttons.
  • Widely use by Singaporeans.
  • Powerful and reliable support.
  • Has a Singapore-based server.

However, let’s talk about the best and proven hosting provider that has been around for years. More importantly, they have servers that are based locally in Singapore. Let’s now get straight into it and number 3 will shock you.

1. Hostinger

This European web host is the most popular choice for starters. Starting from SGD 4 per month with a free domain name for 1 year. It is the most logical choice to choose as your first time creating a website. Click here to view the official website pricing. The price on the website is in USD.

This has been the best choice to start small with since they have 24/7 chat support instead of the ticket type of support. This is ideal as a starter where things can get confusing at times and you are just a chat away.

Hostinger also provides advanced plans whenever you are ready to scale up the contents and features within your website.

With only SGD 4 per month *you have to take up 48 months plan to qualify this price*. Do you think it has an impact on your financial plans to have a website?

2. Siteground

The United States hosting company is known for its reliability and speed no matter the size of the website. Their server is based on the latest hardwares available and constantly update their own infrastructure to cater for the vast growing internet. Siteground is the smart choice if your plans for the website is big or at least whenever you need it, Siteground has all it takes to handle more visitors.

Siteground’s cheapest WordPress hosting starts from SGD 8 per month for the first year. After one year the price increases to SGD 21 per month. This may appear a little expensive compared to Hostinger’s cheap plans. Here’s the catch, Siteground serves your website as “future proof”. For example, what if one day, for some reason, your website is getting hundreds of visitors at the same time? Or as easy as what if your website needs hundreds of photo files, video files to showcase your business? Siteground handles efficiently.

Here is 5 better understanding of what you get by pay a little more for Siteground:-

  1. Uses the latest hardware, software for their servers.
  2. High-speed platforms and technology.
  3. More than enough to support a lot of content.
  4. Great if you want more advanced features.
  5. Great tutorials in YouTube if you ever get stucked.

With a brief idea of what Siteground offers. Do you think it is worth paying a little more?

3. Exabytes SG

We have seen the European hosting giant and the United States popular hosting companies. Let me introduce you to a Singapore based company, Exabytes. As a Singaporean, at least you can get a sense of security that it is locally based. This means your support message can easily be understood linguistically as a local.

Their “WP12 Beginner” plan cost you SGD 3.99 per month. You can get your website up and running with peace of mind knowing that you are in good hands in Singapore. The most awesome thing that I like about Exabytes, you can purchase a Singapore domain together with your hosting plan.

  • – (note the “” is for registered company) while,
  • – (anyone with SingPass can register “.sg”) basically anyone with Singapore citizenship.

It is a good practice to have your domain name provider and hosting provider with the same company as it integrates well and could manage just one admin panel or your “accounts dashboard”.  Well, what is the shocking part of it? Think of it again, a hosting provider that is based in the same country speaks for itself. With the capabilities to scale further, fast and secure. Exabytes may be right for you. At least for a Singaporean.

With my in-depth research, Exabytes have the most authentic customer reviews.


There are a lot of hosting providers out there. These are the top 3 hosting providers for beginners to start learning and creating websites. Berlime Solutions will use one of these depending on what you need and only need for your brand, businesses, corporate portfolio, etc. You can view our “Web-Development” services if you want Berlime Solutions to do it for you and saves you time by letting us set up for you. It’s a one-time payment fee to get you started. However, we also design and do everything for you including hosting so you save more time and focus more on what you do. Here are a few benefits if you create one with Berlime Solutions:-

  • We will handle the technical part.
  • We will design for you according to your design goals.
  • Maintain your website for updates, security & backup.
  • Receive monthly reports on your website performance.
  • Host with Berlime Solutions if you do not want to configure yourself.

You can jump straight into WhatsApp with one of our technical-sales at +65 9894 4737 & we are running a 20% OFF! Be sure to give a text and get free consultation.

It’s 2024. Do you already have a website for your business? Take action today and take advantage of the growing digital-economy in Singapore.

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