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Introducing Perpetual Engine

Do you know you can generate a perpetual income and set it up just once?

Think of it as an extra value-added product to your main product
For instance, ABMSG is offering humanitarian services where you can buy a package of essentials at S$250 to help with disaster relief.
That is a one-time purchase.

After you have purchased, ABMSG is offering a subscription based service called “A meal a day” Which only cost S$10/month that is contributed to the affected area.

They also can choose, to deduct monthly or yearly.
The best part, you can create more than one perpetual product and upsell them
with extensive automations, rules, conditions and so much more.

So What Is It Essentially?

It is a recurring product that someone subscribes to you at a much lower price.
Hence the perpetual income.

This can support your business expenses and tools to help you gain efficiency and versatility.

And All of This Is Automated

Your customers can manage their own subscriptions within a dashboard that is dedicated to them.
Isn’t that cool?! Your website with your own customer dashboard?

Payments are made automatically. So you don’t have to worry about chasing payments.

You can easily identify customers that have the most purchase and you may want to offer them something in return.

This improves your customer experience and relationships.

Can't Think of a Perpetual Product?

Don’t worry! Our developers can recommend you tones of subscription products!

But why the monthly fees?

In web-development, monthly fees is not a perpetual engine for us.
We have a dedicated time to further develop your website and suggests idea to help you grow.
We also have a certain paid set of tools in order to make this happened.

Isn't it redundant?

No, the whole idea of this Perpetual Engine is to make the most out of your business.

Without venturing into other side-hustle just to gain a fair-bit to support your main business.

There are so many benefits to it, the list keeps going on.

Perpetual Engine

Automate Upsells

S$ 299
  • Automate
  • Develop flow automation.

  • Cart Abandonment
  • Send out a flow of e-mails when someone abandons the cart.

  • Auto Payment
  • Automate recurring payments and also recover failed payments.

  • Installments
  • Selling a higher ticket sub-product? Offer installments to visitors.

  • Affiliate Program
  • Don't have a sub-product? Offer an affiliate program to everyone!

The list goes, on. WhatsApp me find out what are the features you want?

*This is a promotional service, that will not be available as an add-on.
It will be only available within the “Powerhouse CarePlan”

The Final Price Is


That's a saving over S$1000/year

This offer is only available today.

This promo will end in

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