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Get customised websites,
with cost-effective solutions.

Berlime Solutions is a marketing design agency which focuses on websites, web applications & system solutions.

Our focus is to provide intuitive user interface and user experience.
Bringing your customers to a immersive, unique & impactful digital journey experience.


Websites designed


Custom Systems Created

$30, 000/m

Processed using our platform


Digital Agencies we work with

Do you want a feature rich & beautiful website?

🔎 Well, not only your website will be stunning, we will also help you solve every aspects of website development, from branding, to designing, prototyping, market research and so much more!

⚙️ How about custom features that only you can understand? We believe every businesses have their own unique workflows behind the scenes. With us, we can help identify the repetitive processes or daily tasks that can be automated! Both from your operations and your customer side. (End User)

🗓️ For example, we automate appointment systems for your staffs and your clients. Auto reminders, date blocking, appointment notification and so much more!

It doesn’t end there, we also create aftersales workflows, re-targeting your existing clients.

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❔Have you ever wonder how to even start with?

Let's discover the purpose, steps, requirements, the must haves... and everything you need to know!

🚗 Automate Anything

Your website should at least automate at least a single workflow. It can be sales processes, customer retention, promotions or any task that you find it repetitive and time consuming.

📈 Explore Growth Opportunity

You will learn how everything works & have more informed decisions. This allows you to open up ideas you probably never thought of.

You will think of a new way to develop your business once you got to know how dynamic your website can be.

📉 Reduce Workflows

Eliminate existing workflows to open up for new ones, & automate it again. The cycle repeats. This will eventually automate almost everything!

🏆 Dominate Your Brand

Get to know ways to create authority in the field that you are in. With SEOs, design hierarchy to outshine your competitors.

🎨 Unique Design Approach

Learn how we will design your website or apps with thorough processes, frameworks & researches. Introduces smooth seamless animations.

🔦 Never-Heard Before Tools

Get access to everything, with zero gatekeeping allows you to expand your horizon like a bird’s eye view. In other words, no vendor lock in.

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🚀 Let's Meet Online at Your Convenience!

Zero sales pitch. Zero obligations. Let’s talk business!

🍪 Bite sized steps to avoid pitfalls from the overwhelming resources you can get online

No doubt you can YouTube your way out and call it day.

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming, there are tonnes of resources, platforms tutorials.
Also, it is hard to decide which one should you follow along.

But what if I tell you, I could just break it down to you, & know in advance about the eco-system you are about to deal with.

I will share with you the best options, tools, tips and tricks just for you!

Tell you what, instead of Zoom. Why dont we meet up and discuss over coffee? This enables us to understand each other better on how your business works and how we will make it possible.

We will look into what you need

... & make the things you want, becomes live & functional. It can be features, designs and other small details.

The requirments

Discover the must haves... before you make a decision. There is an ongoing cost to host something online.

Caveats & Pitfalls

No doubt that everything has it's limitations, or things just out of your capacity.... Our developer's will always have a walk-around to solve real problems.

You see, this call is simply getting your questions answered. 💭

You can ask about the things that you are unfamiliar. For example, the terminologies used in websites, requirements and other technicalities.

💡 This is where we will break the technical jargon into layman terms. Easy to understand and provide the closest analogy.

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📞 A call that cost nothing.

So what’s the catch?

Other than getting your questions answered.

To be honest, this is just one of the many ways we contribute back to the community, uncover the fogs of technical terms for everyone.

We understand that tech can be very intimidating so by getting know the terms & details, you know what you are dealing with.

We are more than happy just by being able to clear the fogs in the technical jungle! 

🚀 What we will be diving into...

🎨 Design approach.
📌 Discover what can be automated.
💰 Autopilot sales.
🤝 Aftersales services.
⚙️ Technologies we use.
🪟 Developer’s point of view.
⚡And so much more!

Right of the bat, the value you are getting with this call is what we typically consult our clients every month with a subscription fee!

How can we make you grow?

Dive deeper on top of web development.

Brand Identity

Get to know how we will generate Fonts, Color Pallets, Brand Elements, Logos and many others for your web development.

Web Design

I will show you examples of immersive websites with animations, complex features, automations and so much more.


Looking for pre-seed? Have a clear Roadmap of your stages of businesses. In the call, we will walkthrough the framekwork to your MVP.

Analytic Reports & Maintenance

Other than the technicalities, we will point out key data-points included. This allows your next decision backed by real-time analytics.

Full Suite SEO Optimizations

The algorithm changes faster than we thought, We will discuss the key factors of SEOs. Discover the best anatomy of an SEO only for your specific goals.

Not Convinced Yet?

By just jumping a call with us, the value you get is worthwhile, especially if it cost you nothing,  and done-for-you research to help you decide if this the right investment for you.

Think of it this way…
It only takes 30 minutes for you get  bird’s eye view of how much more innovative your work can be from a professional point of view.

💯 Some of our existing clients is paying a tad over $400/month
for a 2 hours per month consulting!

Not saying it is worth that much, but consider this the best value of consulting you will ever get.

🚀 Tell you what...

Get a FREE Guide worth S$79 when you schedule a call now!

In this guide, we will share tips, tricks, avoid pitfalls, free tools, recommendations and many more!

No catch! No pitches. Nothing like that!

This FREE Guide will include...

Dont just take our word!
See what our clients have to say!

Got a project?

Tell us everything.

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